Meet the team: Databento CEO, Christina Qi

June 15, 2023
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Meet the team gives you an inside look at the team behind Databento. Not only do you get a great sense of the diverse and expert talent we have on the team, but you also get a taste of our culture overall and how we work together. If you're interested in joining us, check out our careers page!

In this edition, you'll get to know our CEO, Christina Qi! Christina has appeared on several podcasts to share insights about her experience in the finance industry, as well as the history and business model of Databento. Read on for our top four favorites:

John Shegerian creates profitable impact companies, including ERI, The Marketing Masters, and Engage. He co-authored 101 Tips from the Marketing Masters and hosts the Impact Podcast.

Christina joined John on the episode "Turning Failures into Opportunities." During their conversation, Christina opens up about her upbringing in Utah, her unexpected decision to apply to MIT, her unconventional path into finance following multiple setbacks in college, and her subsequent journey to creating a successful hedge fund. The episode is a valuable source of guidance for individuals navigating adversity and the ways in which rejection is expected.

"My biggest advice would be to normalize rejection because rejection is a daily part of my and every entrepreneur's life… If you're not being rejected, you're not doing enough; you're not putting yourself out there as an entrepreneur."

Silicon Slopes is a nonprofit led by Utah tech and business leaders that empowers the community to learn and connect with each other. Their podcast, Meat & Potatoes, is hosted by their managing director, Garrett Clark, who sits down with founders of Utah startups to highlight and promote innovative leaders.

Garrett and Christina discuss the founding story of Databento, advice on what types of data might give high-frequency traders a strategic advantage, and how Databento is revolutionizing market data access. For those curious about how Databento was started or how our platform works, check out this episode of the Meat & Potatoes podcast.

"How we came up with Databento was that instead of buying the whole grocery store, you can just buy a bento box for dinner—something that's consumable and that you really want. So you only pay for what you're actually using that day."

Women Who Succeed is a program of Success in Education that provides opportunities for girls and young women to grow confidence and leadership skills. The We HEAR Her podcast features female leaders across Utah and empowers women through the sharing of their experiences.

Christina sits down with Erin Trenbeath-Murray, Vice President of Women Who Succeed, to talk about where her resiliency comes from, life lessons from her parents, and advice to upcoming college students and women.

"There's no such thing as one career path for everyone. You can get a 9-to-5 job and be totally happy, you can start your own company, you can just travel the world, you can be a mother—a single mom or parent—and those are all amazing. There's nothing wrong with any of those paths, and I wish someone had told me that."

Kevin David is a serial entrepreneur, author, YouTuber, ecommerce specialist, and coach. His podcast, The Kevin David Experience, showcases inspiring founders and entrepreneurs from around the world.

In this episode, Kevin and Christina discuss all things trading and HFT, including her biggest-winning trades, specific clues on what investors and hedge funds are buying and trading in the market, and risk management within HFT.

When asked what advice she'd share with young investors about the market, Christina said,

"Know there's more to life than achieving alpha. If you pursue alpha at all costs, you could technically do that, but at the expense of your personal life, your friendships—there's a lot more to life than making money all day."

If working at Databento interests you, check out our careers page for open positions. If you don't see the role for you, send us your resume—we're always on the lookout for outstanding talent.