Meet the investors: Redpoint Ventures

July 05, 2023
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Startups require investor support to turn their vision into reality. And Databento has been especially fortunate to partner with some of the industry's most respected and innovative investors.

In our new series, "Meet the investors," we'll highlight some of our investors and give you a peek behind the scenes to learn more about the firms that share our unwavering belief in the potential—and necessity—of disrupting the market data industry.

We're kicking off the series with Redpoint Ventures.

Redpoint Ventures partners with founders focused on redefining markets—and blazing paths to create new ones. The firm's impressive portfolio of over 465 companies includes industry disruptors Netflix, Stripe, Twilio, and Zendesk, just to name a few.

Redpoint sets up its founders for success by providing a wealth of knowledge and resources for building a business. Hosted on their content hub, founders have access to a wealth of resources, from founder FAQs and stories to articles on the latest fintech and tech news, along with podcasts featuring up-and-coming startups. All while keeping conscious consumerism at the forefront, including an exclusive content collection dedicated to the topic.

When asked about the decision to invest in Databento, Jordan Segall, Partner at Redpoint, stated, "We invested in Databento because we fundamentally believe that there's a massive company to be had here [in] displacing Bloomberg with modern PLG and mechanics."

Satish Dharmaraj, Managing Director at Redpoint, also expressed excitement about investing in Databento, adding, "A significant reason we invested is because this is one of the largest markets. One that has not been disrupted by open standards and open protocols. And the company that breaks down this walled garden is going to build a really large business."

Redpoint embraces and celebrates diversity across its team, the companies they invest in, and the industry. They've hosted impactful events such as the Pride kickoff for SF Tech Week and Rendezvous at Redpoint: DevRel Community.

Databento Product Design Manager Siqi Chen echoed this sentiment when asked about joining the team, “I'm grateful to have joined Databento as a founding product designer and to have grown with the company. From strong minority leadership to an open-minded culture where all voices are heard, this workplace has helped me become more confident in speaking up, making decisions, and taking risks. I'm proud to be a part of such a supportive and empowering team."

We're grateful to be backed by a firm that not only believes in our mission but aligns with who we are as a company. We look forward to our continued partnership as we reach our goal of changing the financial data market forever.