Meet the team: digital marketing associate, Jessa Gagarin

October 06, 2023
Title picture for Meet the team: digital marketing associate, Jessa Gagarin

Meet the team gives you an inside look at the team behind Databento. Not only do you get a great sense of the diverse and expert talent we have on the team, but you also get a taste of our culture overall and how we work together. If you're interested in joining us, check out our  careers page !

Today, we introduce you to digital marketing associate (and prior digital marketing intern), Jessa Gagarin. Jessa comes from an unconventional background, previously working in the mental health industry at schools and non-profits before transitioning into marketing and the fintech industry.

When asked why she decided to join Databento, she said:

"Work-life balance is really important to me, and I could tell throughout the interview process that Databento had a positive company culture built on transparency. Everyone I met was very open and humble. I felt confident that it would be a place I could grow professionally and personally."

In her role, Jessa's exposed to most areas of digital marketing, from web and social to SEO and SEM.

"As a digital marketing associate, I'm exposed to end-to-end marketing, focused on content and social media marketing, SEO, marketing analytics, and paid search. My personal career goals were considered even before starting my internship, so it's been really exciting taking on assignments that I want to gain more experience in."

Jessa mentioned the encouraging environment at Databento and how her work and voice are valued.

"One thing that stands out to me about our company culture is how my work and opinions are valued just as much as any other employee. It's made me feel quickly integrated into the company. I consistently receive positive and encouraging feedback, and it's been great to see the impact of my work."

Changing careers requires a lot of time and effort, no matter the industry you're getting into. Jessa shares that this is one of her proudest career moments as she dives further into marketing.

"I'm proud of the work I put in to successfully change my career path. It's definitely one of my biggest accomplishments so far. It was difficult to build my portfolio and gain experience while working in a completely different field, but I'm glad to see my marketing career grow and can now take the lead on projects like paid ads or content series'."

Outside of work, Jessa enjoys her time staying active by dancing!

"I spend most of my time taking dance classes and have trained off and on with a couple of dance teams. I usually take choreography classes, but most of my training lately has been in street styles like house."

If Jessa's experience sounds interesting to you, check out our careers page to explore our open opportunities! If you don't see the role for you, send us your resume—we're always on the lookout for outstanding talent.