Meet the team: senior systems engineer, Tom Madureira

January 26, 2024
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Meet the team gives you an inside look at the team behind Databento. Not only do you get a great sense of the diverse and expert talent we have on the team, but you also get a taste of our culture overall and how we work together. If you're interested in joining us, check out our  careers page !

Today, we're introducing our senior systems engineer, Tom Madureira!

After nearly a decade working as a performance and trading systems engineer at Flow Traders, Tom decided it was time to make a change. Although swapping proprietary trading for market data was a big decision, Tom shares why joining Databento was the right move:

"One could say it's fate. After spending many years dealing with the complexities of collecting and disseminating market data, it felt natural to join an effort to build a platform that can help improve the market data experience for users. Databento is in a position to do just that."

Stepping away from the whirlwind of proprietary trading, known for its intense, high-stakes environment, Tom shared what he likes about Databento's culture.

"Databento has an open, collaborative vibe. The team is ready to provide valuable feedback and help you be your best. Everyone is determined to make Databento succeed."

Tom also values the culture of the engineering team, noting that he's inspired by his colleagues.

"There are so many talented engineers here to draw inspiration from. They keep me engaged and on my feet."

While the best is still yet to come, Tom mentioned that his proudest career moment so far was an achievement during his previous role at Flow Traders.

"I'm most proud of designing a robust end-to-end tick-to-trade monitoring system from layer one networking all the way up into the hands of trading and business. There were many unique challenges to solve along the way, and I felt that its insight was invaluable to the company."

Based in the Colorado area, Tom enjoys spending his time outside of work either outdoors or with his wife and son. He describes himself as an avid mountain biker, snowboarder, hiker, and fisherman. On days with poor weather or when he feels like rocking out, he turns to his Telecaster for a strum.

If Tom's career path sounds interesting to you,  check out our careers page  to see our open positions. If you don't see the role for you, send us your resume—we're always on the lookout for outstanding talent.