Meet the team: senior systems engineer, Trey Palmer

February 26, 2024
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Meet the team gives you an inside look at the team behind Databento. Not only do you get a great sense of the diverse and expert talent we have on the team, but you also get a taste of our culture overall and how we work together. If you're interested in joining us, check out our careers page!

Today, we're introducing our senior systems engineer, Trey Palmer!

Trey has dedicated nearly a decade of his career to working as a storage specialist. Following his experiences at major tech companies like Mailchimp and Pandora, his curiosity for fintech and desire to wear more hats led him to Databento.

"With an interest in finance, I thought it would be a good career move. The requirement was mainly for a systems and DevOps engineer with a broad skill set, including expertise in storage. It's been great, as I wanted to take on more roles and wear different hats."

After spending years with larger tech companies, Trey appreciated the change of pace Databento offered for his day-to-day work.

"My day varies quite a bit. It usually involves managing bigger projects and handling ad-hoc tasks. As the team lead, I allocate time to planning and monitoring ticket queues. While primarily working in my basement office, I occasionally work from a diner or coffee shop in the mornings. I prefer later hours, typically working from around 9:30 AM to 7 PM. Databento suits this schedule well as our global team operates across various time zones."

When asked about the culture at Databento, Trey emphasized that the humble traits of our talented team stood out to him.

"The Databento team has very low egos relative to ability level. There are so many brilliant people, but they're all very nice and are team players, which is a rare quality in my experience. From my perspective, Christina and Luca are wizards at creating a good company culture and hiring very able people who fit well."

One of Trey's proudest career moments was during his experiences prior to joining Databento.

"I was the senior subject matter expert for storage at two fairly large, well-known internet companies, where combined, I installed about 100PB of open-source storage systems and backed up hundreds of TBs per day from thousands of hosts."

Considering himself a late bloomer, Trey draws inspiration from several team members, particularly our engineering manager, Chris Sellers, whose bold career move resonated with him.

"Chris made a career change from international A380 airline pilot straight to being one of the earliest and most crucial developers at a fintech startup. I can identify with that bold transition as it took me a considerable amount of time to discover my own career niche."

Trey enjoys the best of both worlds. Not only is he our senior systems engineer, but he's also a musician and songwriter in his own bands outside of work.

"I like to write songs and play music. I have several bands, mostly in alt-country and related genres, and released my first album last year."

If Trey's career path sounds interesting to you, check out our careers page to see our open positions. If you don't see the role for you, send us your resume—we're always on the lookout for outstanding talent.