Databento earns double honor as Parity.Org Best Company for Women and People of Color to Advance

May 16, 2023
Title picture for Databento earns double honors on Parity.Org 2023 ParityLIST

New York, NY (May 16, 2023) — Databento has been named to both the 2023 Parity.Org Best Companies for Women to Advance™ list and the first-ever Best Companies for People of Color to Advance™ list . Databento is one of just 18 companies to earn a spot on both honor rolls.

The ParityLIST™ program recognizes organizations that are creating the culture and conditions in which underrepresented groups can rise. Companies are rated across a comprehensive rubric covering recruiting, promotion, and compensation practices, as well as specific employee benefits, policies, and quantitative representation at the leadership level.

“Over the past several years, there’s been a real awakening to the inequities in our world, and the need to address those things,” said Parity.Org President Dina Schenk. “It’s gratifying to see that the companies on this year’s ParityLISTs are not letting up or losing focus. They continue to innovate and to invest in leveling the playing field so that all employees have equal and equitable opportunities to be hired, recognized, and thrive.”

The 2023 Best Companies for Women to Advance™ honorees had a number of policies and practices in common, such as:

  • Actively monitoring recruitment, promotion, and attrition rates by gender (91%)
  • Leveraging a formal pay equity plan to identify and correct pay gaps (86%)
  • Providing dedicated, convenient, and private lactation rooms for nursing mothers. (100%)
  • Offering flexible working arrangements (95%)
  • Offering equal family leave to both men and women (81%)--and encouraging men to take their full family leave (98%)
  • Regularly measuring and reporting on gender representation and equity to the Executive Team (86%)

The inaugural Best Companies for People of Color to Advance™ honorees also distinguished themselves on a number of dimensions, such as:

  • Implementing targeted strategies to recruit people of color into the organization (89%)
  • Proactively informing and encouraging employees of color to pursue available opportunities (83%)
  • Developing benefit packages that consider the unique needs of employees of color, not strictly the needs of the majority (e.g., white employees) (71%)
  • Prioritizing skills over formal educational credentials and years of experience whenever possible (89%)
  • Conducting anti-bias training for all employees (89%), plus more specialized training for managers (83%)
  • Establishing Employee Resource Groups (ESGs) for employees of color (89%) and leveraging feedback from those groups to directly inform policies and benefits (83%)

In addition, virtually every company on both ParityLISTs has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and a safe reporting system that ensures employees are not punished in any way for reporting incidents of discrimination and harassment.

People of color make up nearly half of the Databento team, and women hold the majority of leadership positions. Siqi Chen, Product Design Manager at Databento, expressed, "From strong minority leadership to an open-minded culture where all voices are heard, this workplace has helped me become more confident in speaking up, making decisions, and taking risks. I’m proud to be a part of such a supportive and empowering team."

Databento strives to create an inclusive environment where every team member feels safe, valued, and provided with equal opportunities for both professional and personal growth. According to Naomi Danielle, Senior Frontend Engineer at Databento, the company's unique culture stands out due to its authenticity and warmth. She emphasized, "I think this is where our success comes from—everyone here cares, both about the product and the journey building it."

While Databento recognizes that prioritizing diversity and inclusivity requires continuous efforts, the company takes a moment to celebrate its exceptional team. Individuals who share Databento's commitment to diversity and inclusion are encouraged to explore exciting career opportunities by visiting the company's careers page .

Databento makes it simpler and faster to access institutional-grade financial data. Founded by traders and engineers from among the world’s leading quantitative hedge funds, Databento’s self-service model allows users to instantly pick up live exchange feeds and terabytes of historical data – and only pay for what they use. Databento’s servers are hosted in the colocation facilities of various trading venues for low-latency and high-fidelity data capture, direct from the source.

To learn more about Databento, visit .

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