Shakudo and Databento: empowering financial services with large-scale data processing

June 20, 2023
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We're excited to announce a partnership between Shakudo and Databento. Together, the two companies strive to revolutionize large-scale data processing for financial services. Developers now have access to a powerful toolset for innovative fintech products with Databento’s real time and historical market data, combined with Shakudo’s simplified data stack management.

Shakudo's CEO, Yevgeniy Vahlis, shared his excitement about this partnership, stating, "By partnering with Databento, we are providing financial institutions with a comprehensive solution for getting value from market data. Databento's expertise in providing real-time and historical market data, combined with Shakudo's operating system for the modern data stack are a complete solution for building AI applications that react to markets in real-time."

Similarly, Christina Qi, Databento’s CEO, added “We are delighted to partner with Shakudo. In this new era of generative AI, having fast and easy access to high-quality data is critical to the success of many companies in our industry. By working together, we hope to fulfill a mutual mission of increasing global access to data, so that new AI and finance products can launch in record time.”

For developers and quants, scalability and efficiency are vital to their operations. Shakudo addresses this with its data stack management, designed for scalability, enabling businesses to quickly transition their products into production and expand their operations. Similarly, Databento's live market data framework ensures a seamless flow of accurate and timely data, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

This partnership equips developers with advanced tools to build applications capable of processing significant volumes of financial data, analyzing market trends, and delivering valuable business insights. This partnership represents a significant leap forward in data processing capabilities within the financial sector.

In the financial sector, the quality of market data is crucial for driving informed decisions. Databento provides its users with access to a comprehensive suite of real-time and historical market data, allowing users to launch their products faster, explore new datasets for free, and avoid the typical headaches associated with data licensing and data access.

Databento’s self-service model allows users to instantly pick up real-time exchange feeds and terabytes of historical data — and only pay for what they use. As a licensed distributor of 30+ trading venues, all of Databento’s data comes directly from the source. With our pay-as-you-go model, the average user can save thousands of dollars per month by switching to Databento.

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Navigating the complexities of managing multiple data tools and workflows can be challenging when building modern finance applications. Shakudo steps in to streamline your data stack management with a single environment and a comprehensive suite of stack components. From data ingestion and processing tools to machine learning and visualization tools, Shakudo has you fully covered.

By reducing infrastructure complexity, Shakudo allows developers to focus on building modern products that can revolutionize their industries. Being committed to ongoing support and expansion, the platform regularly adds new features and components to keep pace with the rapidly evolving data science tool landscape. One exciting development on focus is to simplify the integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) into our clients workflow.

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Shakudo's data stack operating system combined with Databento's high-quality market data APIs creates a powerful solution. This partnership unlocks the ability to develop cutting-edge applications, capable of processing massive volumes of data, analyzing market trends, and providing valuable insights with speed and efficiency. We invite you to experience the power of the Shakudo and Databento platforms for yourself and explore the transformative potential these solutions can bring to your market data operations.